March 2007

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BSLS member Alice Bell writes to say:

We've just put together a draft programme for the 2007 “Science and the Public�? conference (Imperial College London, 19th May). It's going to be diverse and exciting day.

Registration is now open, registration details and the draft programme are available from the Science and Communication Group site at Imperial College.

Sessions include:
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We are very glad to announce that Chris McCabe will be joining us to talk on Saturday. Chris is a research scientist, a geneticist and an author of several novels most recently Dirty Little Lies, under the name ‘John Macken’. He describes research he undertook for this novel in his recent Independent article ‘Hi-tech labs at the crime scene’.

Chris has lectured across the world for the British Council on connections between literature and science, and closer to home he spoke recently at the British Academy ‘Festival of Science’ at the University of East Anglia. A successful novelist Chris writes for the national press and has chaired panels at a range of conferences, including recently at the ICA in London.

All this and he's a working scientist and teacher too.


ACUME2 is an EU funded centre, based at the university of Bologna, with partners across Europe. Its broad aim is to co-ordinate and develop new university curricula across European universities, curricula which explore and work in the interfaces between the sciences and humanities. As such it seems like an interesting link and a creative challenge of sorts to the work that members of the BSLS pursue.

ACUME2 is organised into five “subprojects�?:

Future events are planned and we'll be working to discover whether the BSLS can work with scholars and researchers from ACUME2


The H. G. Wells Society Annual Conference, Imperial College/Conway Hall,
London, 28-29 September 2007

Proposals for 20-minute papers, or for panels of 2-3 papers, are invited
for this year's H. G. Wells Society Annual conference. The conference
will be hosted by both Imperial College, London (on the 28 September)
and by Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London (on the 29 September). The
first day of the event will include a plenary lecture by the science
fiction writer, Stephen Baxter.

The conference will focus on ‘Wells, Science and Philosophy’. Proposals
may centre on either Wells and science or Wells and philosophy
exclusively, or might examine the intersection of both science and
philosophy in the author's work. Proposals might focus on, but are not
limited to: Wells and evolutionary biology; Wells and Physics; Wells and
Darwin/Huxley; Wells and Astronomy; Wells and Plato; Wells and

Proposals of 300 words should be submitted via email
attachment, no late than June 11 2007. Please include a brief
biographical note, and send proposals with ‘Wells, Science and
Philosophy’ as the subject, to Dr Steven McLean.


PATHOLOGIES: Questions of embodiment in literature, arts and sciences

August 20-21, 2007

Research Centre for Literature, Arts and Science, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Plenary Speakers: Tim Armstrong, Kelly Hurley & Jonathan Sawday

To consider how the body has been pathologized is to ask questions of what it means to be human. As the originating site of humanity the body (extending from the individual to society and nation) is the physical, metaphorical and philosophical place for the inscription of selfhood, identity, normality and change. The multiple pathologies of the body invite us to reflect upon bodily conditions and behaviours that mark out the boundaries of the individual, the social and the national as well as their transgressions. Where does the self begin and end? How do we construct normality, deformity, and monstrosity? How do culture, society and the individual relate and connect across the many pathologies that invade, infect, distress and reconstruct the human?
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