Grace Stebbing

We have been asked to alert the membership to the research potential of writings by Victorian writer, Grace Stebbing.  Her work has yet to receive any form of scholarly attention and very little is known about her.  Indeed, despite her numerous volumes (many of which are listed on Google Books), few if any are currently in print.

It is thought that Stebbing was the daughter of  Henry Stebbing (1799-1883), British poet, preacher, and historian.  An 1898 edition of the Dictionary of National Biography suggests that 'two of Stebbing's sons, Mr. William Stebbing and Mr. Thomas Roscoe Rede Stebbing, F.R.S., have distinguished themselves respectively in literature and science; while two daughters, Beatrice (now Mrs. Batty) and Miss Grace Stebbing, are also well known as authors.  The eldest son, John (d. 1885), translated Humboldt’s ‘Letters to a Lady’ and Their’s ‘History of France under Napoleon’...'

We would be happy to learn of any members with a scholarly interest in Grace Stebbing,  knowledge of anyone who is investigating her work, or someone who would like to do so.