Visiting Scholarships 2011, St John’s College, Oxford

The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 11th February 2011.

St John's College intends to offer up to six Visiting Scholarships during the period mid-July to mid September 2011. Applicants must be academic teaching staff who hold a tenured post in a UK university and will do so for the duration of the scholarship.  Scholarships are not available to graduate students or to research assistants.  The Scholarships will be tenable for up to six weeks and are intended to support the holders in a current programme of research. The successful applicants will be able to use the libraries of the University of Oxford, for example, the Bodleian, the Ashmolean, and the Taylor Institution Library.

The College will provide free accommodation and meals. Meals will be taken in the Senior Common Room, of which the Visiting Scholars will be made temporary members, and accommodation will be in single student rooms. The College is unable to offer parking facilities. Neither can it offer any facilities (including accommodation) to spouses, partners or family members.

The following criteria will be taken into account when considering applications for Visiting Scholarships:

  • The merit of each application and of the research topic, and how much work might be done during the period.
  • Whether the Oxford libraries and facilities in particular are needed for the research the applicant wishes to pursue.
  • How hard/easy access to Oxford is presently for the applicant (for instance, those based hundreds of miles away will usually have priority over those based in, for example, London, assuming all other criteria are equal); how recently the applicant has had access to Oxford facilities.

There is no application form for these scholarships. Applications, in the form of a letter, should be posted to the Academic Administrator, St John's College, Oxford, OX1 3JP and should include a full CV and details of the proposed work to be carried out whilst in Oxford. The name and address of one referee who has agreed to give an opinion if requested to do so should also be included. 

It is likely that successful applicants will be notified during the first two weeks of May 2011.  Please note that emailed and faxed applications will not be accepted.  St. John's College exists to support excellence in education and research, and is committed to equal opportunities.