‘Breaking the Code’ by Hugh Whitemore 13-17 December 2011

Directed by Kevin Elliott.  To be performed in The Theatre at the Old Fire Station, Oxford.

The mathematician Alan Turing broke the Nazi codes used in World War 2, and has the gratitude of the Prime Minister. His sheer passion for learning seems bound to lead him to even greater success. But can his private life remain private in the moral fervour of 1950s Britain? What help can he expect from those around him, and what betrayals will he face? How much room does his society have for those that won’t conform?

Hugh Whitemore’s play covers the life of Alan Turing, the Bletchley Park code breaker who laid the foundations for modern computing. Described by Time Magazine as “elegant and poignant”, this award-winning play depicts the life of this most extraordinary man, his unique talent for innovation, his eccentricity, his hunger for companionship, and above all, his sheer humanity.

For more information, please visit www.oxfordtheatreguild.com.

You may like to take part in the production or help with it, if you live close enough to Oxford. Auditions will be held: Wed 31st Aug – 7.30pm United Reformed Church Hall, Summertown; Fri 2nd Sept – 7.30pm United Reformed Church Hall, Summertown; Tues 6th Sept – 7.30pm Jericho Community Centre, Oxford.  Please contact the director, Kevin Elliott, on 07970 982789 with any questions.