Darwin and Human Nature, Thursday 19 April – Friday 20 April 2012

CRASSH (The Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities), Alison Richard Building, 
7 West Road, Cambridge

A series of intersecting boundaries have defined the human from the mid-19th century to the present: human/animal, civilized/savage, woman/man, mind/machine, and nature/culture. This conference will examine how different disciplines have constructed and contested these boundaries, and will reflect  on the legacy of Darwinian frameworks of the 'human' today.

Speakers include: Gillian Beer, Carolyn Burdett, Tim Crane, Sophie Defrance, John Dupré, David Feller, Phillipa Levine, Tim Lewens, Francis Neary, Sadiah Qureshi, Angelique Richardson, James Secord, Roger Smith, Kathryn Tabb, Paul White, Catherine Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson.

The conference is convened by Paul White (Darwin Correspondence Project/History and Philosophy of Science), Sophie Defrance (Darwin Correspondence Project) and James Secord (History and Philosophy of Science) with the support of CRASSH, the Arts & Humanities Research Council, the National Science Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation.

For full details of the programme and speakers, please click here: http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/events/1710/. Online registration will open closer to the event; if you would like to be informed when it opens, please email rhr32@cam.ac.uk.