BSLS Executive Committee elections

BSLS Executive Committee posts

Several posts on the BSLS Executive Committee will either be vacant or up for renewal this April 2012: Chair, Treasurer, IT Officer, Membership Secretary, and two Members at Large. If you are interested in any of these posts and have questions please do contact us, or any member of the committee. The sections of the Constitution relevant to this process are appended below.

We already have expressions of interest for the posts of Chair, Treasurer, and one of the two posts of Member at Large. If others are nominated for the posts of Chair or Treasurer, or if there are more than two candidates for the member-at-large posts, there will be an election during the AGM.

We are also looking for a candidate for the post of Membership Secretary, and for one of the posts of Member at Large. We would be interested also to hear from anyone with a knowledge of websites and IT who might be interested in taking over the role of IT officer now or in the future.

Any member of BSLS is eligible for these posts and can propose themselves. Each proposed candidate will also need two nominations from members of BSLS, and these proposals and nominations should be sent to our current Chair, Michael Whitworth (, and myself, the Secretary (

Could any proposals be sent as soon as possible please, and ideally before April 2, 2012. This includes those who have expressed an interest.

Peter Middleton
26. 3. 12

4.1 There shall be an Honorary President, whose appointment is for an unlimited period.
4.2 There shall be an executive committee, consisting of: Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Membership Secretary; Communications Officer; and not more than three Members at Large.
4.2.1 The role of the Chair is to oversee the fulfilment of the Society’s aims.
4.2.2 The role of the Secretary is to document meetings and other aspects of the Society’s activities, particularly to prepare minutes of Committee meetings and General Meetings, and to put them forward for approval.
4.2.3 The role of the Treasurer is to be signatory to the Society’s bank account(s); to present accounts for approval at the AGM.
4.2.4 The role of the Membership Secretary is to receive and process membership applications, to obtain fees from existing members, to pass on money to the Treasurer, and to maintain a membership database.
4.2.5 The role of the Communications Officer is to develop electronic resources; to manage and maintain an e-mail list, and to liaise with the Membership Secretary in relation to membership of the list.
4.3 Where it proves impossible to fill posts, one member may hold two, but no more than two posts.
4.4 Signatories for the society’s bank account(s) shall be the Treasurer and any other committee member.
4.5 The membership of the Executive Committee shall be determined by elections held at the annual general meeting of the society. Members wishing to stand for election should be nominated by two members of the society before the start of the AGM. Where there is more than one candidate for any post, election shall be held by a ballot on the basis of a single transferable vote.
4.6 Members of the Executive Committee shall serve three-year terms of office.