Cognitive Futures in the Humanities Symposium

Cognitive Futures in the Humanities: A One-Day Symposium funded by  the AHRC

Saturday 28 April 2012 Northumbria University,  Newcastle

How have the arts and humanities responded to the cognitive science  revolution? How far have we evolved new knowledge and models in areas such as  literary, aesthetic and historical analysis in connection with cognitive  paradigms? What future possibilities lie open for the analysis of culture and  cultural objects using concepts from cognitive science?

Speakers include:

·          Alan Richardson (Boston College)

·          Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve)

·          David Miall (University of Alberta)

·          Ellen Spolsky (Bar Ilan University)

This symposium marks the launch of a new AHRC-funded  interdisciplinary network for researchers working across the cognitive  sciences and the arts and humanities. Attendance is free; all welcome. For  further details visit <>  or email Dr Peter Garratt (  to indicate you wish to attend.