Science and Literature 1800-Present: Two Cultures or Co-evolution?

Postgraduate conference at Keele University, 12th May 2012

Keynote Speakers: Prof. Joanna Verran (MMU), Prof. Sharon Ruston (Salford) & Prof. David Amigoni (Keele)

This one-day postgraduate conference will consider links between science and literature from the 1800s to the present day. Despite the lacuna that is traditionally posited between these two subjects, from the Romantic beginning of the nineteenth century and throughout the Victorian period, artists, writers and scientists alike were conscious of the confluences between their disciplines. Fascination with and anxiety over the progress of science has continued to preoccupy writers into the twentieth century and beyond. This conference will explore the intimate relationships between the two cultures of science and literature, and will examine the ways in which concerns of the long nineteenth century have continued to express themselves in the present day.

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