Beckett and Brain Science Symposium

Beckett and Brain Science
One day Symposium
Birkbeck, University of London
Friday 22 June 2012

This AHRC-funded project brings together literary scholars, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, cognitive neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, and philosophers to explore the ways in which historical and contemporary models of the brain and mind can contribute to our understanding of Samuel Beckett’s work. The project also uses Beckett’s texts as case studies to investigate the ways in which aesthetic representations can offer insights into the experience of neurological and psychological disorder, while asking rigorous, philosophically robust, questions about the relationship between mind and body. By encouraging dialogue between scientific researchers, literary scholars, theatre practitioners, and trainee medics, the project hopes to extend our understanding of the relationship between medical science and literature, while also having a positive impact on patient care.

Keynote addresses:

Prof Catherine Malabou (philosopher, Kingston University)
Prof Lois Oppenheim (literary scholar, Montclair University, and Scholar Associate Member of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute)
Prof Sophie Scott (cognitive neuroscientist, University College London)

Other contributions from:

Dr Elizabeth Barry (literary scholar, Warwick University)
Dr Matthew Broome (psychiatrist, Warwick University)
Dr Peter Fifield, (literary scholar, Oxford University)
Jonathan Heron (theatre director, Warwick University)
Dr Ulrika Maude (literary scholar, Reading University)
Prof Adam Piette (literary scholar, Sheffield University)
Dr Laura Salisbury (literary scholar, Birkbeck).

This event is free but spaces are limited and booking is essential. To reserve a place please contact Laura Salisbury:

This event is part of the AHRC Science in Culture ‘Beckett and Brain Science’ exploratory project, shared between Birkbeck, Reading University, and Warwick University.