Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies Book Prize

The Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies program at University of California, Riverside welcomes nominations for the SFTS book award. This prize honors an outstanding scholarly monograph that explores the intersection between popular culture and the sciences. We welcome submissions from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including cultural studies, the history of science, media studies, and the sociology of science. The award is established for the purpose of recognizing groundbreaking and exceptional contributions to the field. Books must be published in English between January 1 and December 31 2012; edited volumes as well as works by more than two authors are not eligible.

The jury for the 2012 prize will be Rob Latham (University of California, Riverside), Patrick Sharp (California State University, Los Angeles), and Sherryl Vint (University of California, Riverside).  The recipient will be announced at the joint Eaton/SFRA conference from April 11-14, 2013.

Please send nominations for the book prize to Sherryl Vint at