Call for Papers on Scottish Science

World Congress of Scottish Literature, University of Glasgow, July 2 – 5, 2014

Panel on Scottish Science: The Literature

Heat, light, earth, life and air, mathematics, meteorology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, and physics are prominent topics, concerns, and challenges that have attracted Scottish scientists since the sixteenth century and to which they have made major and significant  contributions. This panel aims to explore the prose of these writers in the same way as we explore literary writers: the language, imagery, syntax, rhetoric, the life and times of any single figure, the culture, climate, educational institutions, and social organization which their work reflects, how the religious, economic, political, literary and artistic environment influenced them, and in turn their influence on Scottish literature and art.

If you are interested in contributing a paper to this panel, please email Marilyn Gaull, Research Professor at the Editorial Institute at Boston University, at