Journal of Literature and Science: Call for Reviewers




As some of you will already know, the Journal of Literature and Science has now moved to the University of Westminster With that move, Martin Willis, our Editor-in-Chief, has kindly asked me to take over as reviews editor. The Journal reviews section does not review books, but, quite uniquely, focuses attention instead on journal articles published in the field in the last year to 18 months. Below are a number of articles that we would like to offer members the chance to review for the Journal’s forthcoming issues in 2013. Its largely first come, first served, so do get in touch with me with an offer to do specific articles. I’d also be very happy for members to suggest other relevant articles for review that they may have come across and that aren’t listed below. Do let me know.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you,

Michelle Geric



The following articles are available for review for inclusion in forthcoming issues of the Journal of Literature and Science. The JLS is unique in reviewing journal articles rather than books in the fields of literature and science and the history and philosophy of science. Reviews should be 750 words long and should offer both a description of the article as well as an analysis of its achievements. For more details please follow the link or contact Michelle Geric to register your interest. If you would like to review a relevant article that does not appear in the list below, please also contact Michelle. The JLS would be perfectly happy to consider alternatives to those listed here.

Tami I. Spector, ‘Nanoaesthetics: From the Molecular to the Machine’, Representations 117. 1 (Winter 2012): 1-29.

Colin Milburn, ‘Greener on the Other Side: Science Fiction and the Problem of Green Nanotechnology’, Configurations 20. 1-2 (winter-Spring 2012): 53-87.

Uppinder Mehan, ‘Postcolonial Science, Cyberpunk and The Calcutta Chromosome’, Intertexts 16. 2 (Fall 2012): 1-14.

Jay Clayton, ‘The Ridicule of Time: Science Fiction, Bioethics, and the Posthuman’, American Literary History 25. 2 (Summer 2013): 317-343.

Daniel King, ‘Consulting Physicians: The Role of Specialist Medical Advisers in Cormac McCarthy’s Contemporary Fiction’, Literature and Medicine 30. 2 (Fall 2012): 339-355.

Sherryl Vint, ‘Archaeologies of the “Amodern”: Science and Society in Galileo’s Dream’, Configurations 20. 1-2 (winter-Spring 2012): 29-51.

Ian Burney, ‘Our Environment in Miniature: Dust and the Early Twentieth-Century Forensic Imagination’, Representations 121. 1 (Winter 2013): 31-59.

C. R. Resetarits, ‘Experiments in Sex, Science, Gender, and Genre: Hawthorne’s “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment,” “The Birthmark,” and “Rappaccini’s Daughter’, Literary Imagination 14 (2012): 178-193.

Jessica Kuskey, ‘Our Mutual Engine: The Economics of Victorian Thermodynamics’, Victorian Literature and Culture 41, (2013): 75-89.

Simon Goldhill, ‘A Writer’s Things: Edward Bulwer Lytton and the Archaeological Gaze; or, What’s in a Skull?’, Representations 119. 1 (Summer 2012):. 92-118.

Maurice Hindle, ‘Humphry Davy and William Wordsworth: A Mutual Influence’, Romanticism 18.1 (2012): 16-29.

Zackariah C. Long, ‘Toward an Early Modern Theory of Trauma: Conscience in Richard III’, Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies 1. 1 (Spring 2012): 49-72.


Michelle Geric

Lecturer in English Literature

Reviews Editor for the Journal of Literature and Science

Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies

University of Westminster

32-38 Wells Street