Science and Literature Commission

We are glad to announce that, during the last International Conference of History of Science, Technology and Medicine held in Manchester in July 2013, the Science and Literature Commission was established.

The Commission has been approved by the General Assembly of the Division of History of Science and Technology of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science after the submission of a relevant proposal by an international group of scholars interested on the subject.

Among the goals of the Commission are the following:

  • To make the interdisciplinary field of Science and Literature more visible, especially among the historians of Science and Technology
  • To promote studies of Science and Literature
  • To exchange views and information with other international and national societies on Science and Literature and/or related fields.
  • To contribute to a renewed discussion of the “One Culture” thematic.

We invite everyone with an interest in Science and Literature to become a member in the Commission, by sending an email including affiliation and specific interests to George N. Vlahakis ( No membership fees are required.

We plan to organize the first meeting of the Commission next July in Athens, Greece in the form of a two-days Conference. The first circular and the call for papers will be circulated later this year.