New journal issue on Space in the Nineteenth Century

19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century
Volume 17 (2013)
SpaceThis issue, guest edited by Isobel Armstrong, is dedicated to concepts of space and to nineteenth-century spaces. From the verbal constructions of space that pattern nineteenth-century novels, to the n-dimensional space of philosophic speculation and popular genre fictions, and from astronomy to the spaces of regional picture-going, of early cinema and of advertisements, these articles examine the century’s extraordinary reimaginings of space and spatial experience.

Introduction: Space as Experience and Representation in the Long Nineteenth Century
Isobel Armstrong

Theories of Space and the Nineteenth-Century Novel
Isobel Armstrong

The Higher Spaces of the Late Nineteenth-Century Novel
Mark Blacklock

Specular Reflections: John Brett and the Mirror of Venus
James Mussell

Moving Panoramas c. 1800 to 1840: The Spaces of Nineteenth-Century Picture-Going
John Plunkett

‘From autumn to spring, aesthetics change’: Modernity's Visual Displays
Laura Marcus