Effects of the Scientific Imaginary workshop

The workshop ‘Effects of the Scientific Imaginary’ will take place at the SPH Centre in Bordeaux-Montaigne University on June 11th & 12th 2015.

The workshop aims at discussing the examining the effects of scientific thought-experiments and fantasies from a variety of disciplinary angles. For example: do stories of brain transplantation and swamp-people import conceptual assumptions into the philosophical arguments of which they are a part? How do science fantasies motivate social and political change? For more information about the workshop visit our blog: https://scientificimaginary.wordpress.com

Speakers: Lesley A. Sharp, Simon Bréan, Melanie Williams, Cédric Brun, Pierre Cassou-Noguès, William Tattersdill and A.M. Ferner

To register, email: scientificimaginary@gmail.com
There are limited places, so please register soon to make sure you get a space.

While it is free to register there are, unfortunately, no bursaries available for travel or accommodation.