BSLS Executive Committee 2015 – 2016

At the 2015 AGM several members of the Executive Committee came to the end of their tenure, and new members were elected.

This is the membership of the Executive Committee for 2015-2016.

Chair: Martin Willis (University of Westminster) –

Secretary: Peter Middleton (University of Southampton) –

Treasurer: Michael Whitworth (Merton College, University of Oxford) –

Membership Secretary: Jessica Roberts (University of Salford) –

Communications Officer: Josie Gill (University of Bristol) –

International Liaison (Europe): Folkert Degenring (University of Kassel, Germany) –

International Liaison (North America): Janine Rogers (Mount Allison University, Canada) -

Book Reviews Editor: Gavin Budge (University of Hertfordshire) -

Member-at-large & Newsletter Editor: Jenni Halpin (Savannah State University, USA) -

Member-at-large: Peter Garratt (University of Durham) -

Postgrad/ECR Member-at-large: Ros Ambler-Alderman (University of Southampton) -