Shared Futures Conference – would you like to represent the BSLS?

In early July of 2017 the city of Newcastle will host a future of
the discipline of English conference called Shared Futures. As I announced at
the BSLS conference in April, we have been invited to put together a panel to
showcase the work of the Society. The committee feels that the very best way to
do this is to ask all of you – the members – to put yourselves forward to be
a part of that panel and to represent the Society to the wider discipline.
We are looking, therefore, for you to apply to us with an idea for a short
paper/presentation on your research that you think best exemplifies the current
state of the dynamic, interdisciplinary field of literature and science. We want
to involve members at all career stages, in any area of our discipline, to speak
with energy and engagement on their work.
We are also doing this with speed – so we wish to hear from you with your
proposed paper by Friday October 7th (yes, only a few days from now!). We will also
make our decisions very quickly, too.
We will be providing funds for those without permanent positions or access to
research funds to enable travel and accommodation, and there will be no
conference fee either. We would like a title and a brief 100-word description of
a paper that would take up a 10-minute presentation slot, and a few brief
details of your career stage and present position.
You can send these within an email direct to me at
I very much look forward to hearing from you. As I am sure you realise this is
both a unique event and a terrific opportunity to be part of the conversation
about the future of English studies.
With best wishes for the new academic year,
Martin Willis
BSLS Chair