PhD Studentship on literature and science (nuclear literature)


Fully Funded PhD Studentship on  Nuclear Literature and Culture (School of Arts and Humanities, Nottingham Trent University)

Closing date is 12 noon on Friday 9 December. For informal discussion regarding the project, please contact:


We invite applications from prospective PhD students wishing to work on nuclear literature and culture under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Cordle and Prof. Phil Leonard. There is no restriction on the specific focus of the project, but possible areas for the research include:


  • Nuclear literature of the Cold War or post-Cold War periods
  • The nuclear Anthropocene
  • Nuclear imagery and motifs
  • Nuclear criticism (i.e. theories and concepts in nuclear studies)
  • Nuclear technologies and infrastructure in literature
  • Nuclear science in literature
  • Material and cultural legacies of the nuclear age
  • Post-apocalyptic literature


The successful applicant will be based in a department that is recognized internationally for its high quality research and which has a lively research culture. Dr. Cordle has written extensively on North American and British nuclear literature and culture, including the monographs, States of Suspense: The Nuclear Age, Postmodernism and United States Fiction and Prose (Ashgate, 2008) and Late Cold War Culture: The Nuclear 1980s (Palgrave, forthcoming), as well as on literature and science. Prof. Leonard is an expert on technology, culture and debates about globalization. The candidate should demonstrate good knowledge of nuclear culture or of related areas (e.g. Cold War culture; contemporary literature and technology; literature and science). His/her project should be clearly defined and seek to advance knowledge in the burgeoning area of the Nuclear Humanities.