Science Fiction Foundation

The Science Fiction Foundation began in 1971 at the former North East London Polytechnic with the joint aim of promoting academic research into sf and greater public understanding of the genre. It has since become a UK-wide network of academics, critics and professional writers with its nominal base at the University of Liverpool, home to the largest research archive devoted to sf in Europe. We currently support or administer the following activities:

  • the peer-reviewed academic journal Foundation
  • the SFF Foundation Collection at the University of Liverpool
  • the annual SFF Masterclass at the Royal Greenwich Observatory
  • the annual Science for Fiction classes at Imperial College London
  • the annual George Hay Lecture at Eastercon
  • the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award (with the BSFA and Sci-Fi London)
  • SFF conferences
  • bursaries for early career and independent researchers
  • the book charity SF Outreach
  • major events such as the forthcoming Into the Unknown exhibition (The Barbican)

We are keen not only to continue these activities but also expand upon them. Increased membership will enable us to do that. If you and/or your institution become members of the SFF, you will not only be supporting us in our aims, you will also receive three copies per year of Foundation and have a say at our AGM. Individual membership can be as low as £22/year – full details on membership fees and how to join are available at the SF Foundation website ( The SFF is a registered charity, so if you are a UK taxpayer and you Gift Aid your fee, we will receive an extra donation at no expense to yourself. Our ambition for the SFF is to become not only a national but also a truly international research network.

Do please consider joining today - especially if you or your institution are based overseas. We want the SFF to become not only a national but also a truly international research network. Thank you.

Dr Paul March-Russell, Editor, Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction