BSLS Book Prize for 2020: the shortlist

The British Society for Literature and Science is pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2020 book prize. The five shortlisted books are (alphabetically by author's surname):

Will Abberley, Mimicry and Display in Victorian Literary Culture: Nature, Science and the Nineteenth-Century Imagination (CUP)

Andrea Charise. The Aesthetics of Senescence: Aging, Population, and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel (SUNY Press)

Josie Gill, Biofictions: Race, Genetics and the Contemporary Novel (Bloomsbury Academic)

Tom Nurmi, Magnificent Decay: Melville and Ecology (University of Virginia Press)

Sara Wasson, Transplantation Gothic: Tissue transfer in literature, film, and medicine (Manchester University Press)

The prize of £150 will be awarded to the best book published in 2020 in the field of literature and science. The winner will be announced at this year's online conference.