Upcoming Bio-Lit Talks (University of Glasgow, online, free)

Bio-Lit Talks is an online, four-event series exploring the interactions and intersections between Biology and Literature.

Structured as a four-event series and focusing on a new topic each week, join us as we delve, digress, and dissect into words of authors and mechanisms of pathogens: from Scottish texts of the 16th century to contemporary prose, Victorian texts, and Latin American literature - witness easily digestible discussions on the plague, cholera, sexually transmitted infections, and novel pathogens.

Organised by doctoral researchers at the University of Glasgow and featuring authors, researchers, and academics, this free event series is open to Literature lovers, Science enthusiasts and everyone in between!

For more information and to register, please visit Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/bio-lit-talks-crossing-science-with-humanities-35909105423#events

List of events:

Wednesday, 10/11/21, 7-8 PM (GMT) - Novel Monsters: Exploring the Threat of Emerging Pathogens and their Depiction in Contemporary Literature

Wednesday, 17/11/21, 7-8 PM (GMT) - Society, Sex, and Science: Understanding Syphilis and its Portrayal in the Victorian Era

Wednesday 24/11/21, 7-8 PM (GMT) - Poetry, Pestilence, and Prescriptions: Plague Biology in 16th-century Scottish Poetry and Medical Manuscripts

Wednesday 01/12/21, 7-8 PM (GMT) - Heartaches and Stomach Pains: Infectious Disease in Latin American Literature