Call for Contributors: Conceptualizing Heterodox Palaeoscience

This special issue of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews is intended to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines—including geology, archaeology, palaeontology, literature, physics, and history—to provide new perspectives on the question of heterodoxy in palaeoscience from the eighteenth century to the present. While we welcome research on classic subjects like cryptozoology, creationism, and continental drift, we encourage works that focus on heterodoxy and palaeoscience in the context of non-Christian cultures, the Global South, and sociocultural inequalities. Subjects authors may address include but are not limited to:

  • what forms of palaeoscience have been considered heterodox; what groups of people have been drawn to them (including lenses of race, class, and gender); when; and why
  • what types of evidence proponents have gathered to substantiate highly controversial claims, and where and how they have communicated these claims
  • what relationships these figures have had with the mainstream scientific community, particularly in centres of production like journals, laboratories, and universities
  • how heterodox figures and heterodox palaeoscience itself have utilized or been depicted in the media, including novels, poetry, film, local news, and videogames
  • how heterodoxy becomes orthodoxy, and orthodoxy becomes heterodoxy

The abstract deadline for this issue is 6 May 2022. Full information, including how to submit, can be found at this link.