CoSciLit in Asia Hybrid Conference, 2 March 2024

Literature and Science in History: Japanese Reception and Reflection

An online conference event organised by Japan Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan, and the Commission on Science and Literature (DHST/IUHPST)

Saturday 2 March 2024 (12:30-18:30)

How does the study of historical scientific and literary connections contribute towards Japanese scholarly reception of anglophone literature? And how do Japanese literary and critical texts reflect these interrelated scientific and literary influences? This one-day conference, organized by Japan Women’s University (JWU), Tokyo, and the Commission on Science and Literature (CoSciLit), aims to consider these questions and to discuss the opportunities that the field of science and literature affords literary scholarship in Japan. The event brings together research by leading Japanese scholars of anglophone literature and concludes with an online address by CoSciLit Global President Professor John Holmes.

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