BSLS 2007 programme

Conference Programme

This is the final programme for the conference.

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Thursday 29th March
1300-1430 Panel 1Dickens Conference Room
Genre and Early Nineteenth Century Science
Chair: Alice Jenkins, Glasgow
Melanie Keene, Cambridge, ‘Robert Hunt and the Genres of Science Writing’
Adelene Buckland, Oxford, ‘ “Many-syllabled mysteries: natural history and literary representation in Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton
Felix Sprang, University of Hamburg, ‘ “Science is best delivered in prose Generic Constraints on early 19th C Scientific Writing’
Panel 2Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Cold War Bodies and Cities
Chair: John Holmes, Reading
Jon Adams and Ed Ramsden, LSE, ‘The Man Behind the Rats of NIMH’
Charlotte Sleigh, U of Kent, ‘Nuclear Bodies: Don Delillo's Footballer and Other Mutants’
Daniel Cordle, Nottingham Trent, ‘Nuclear Cities: Containing Atomic Anxiety in the Public Spaces of the Early Cold War'
1430-1530 Panel 3Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Victorian Mathematics
Chair: Gowan Dawson, Leicester
Alice Jenkins, Glasgow, ‘Euclid's Elements in Victorian Culture'
Mariateresa Franza, Salerno, Italy, ‘Mathematical Fiction: Three Victorian Writers at Work'
Panel 4Dickens Conference Room
Early Scientific Institutions
Chair: Philip Smallwood, UCE Birmingham
Sophie Bouvier, Birmingham, ‘Drama and Scientific Performance in Restoration England: The Royal Society of Science'
Gregory Lynall, Liverpool, ‘Sinking the “Spider’s Cittadel: Swift’s Battel of the Books and Thomas Burnet’s “Philosophical Romance of the Earth’
Panel 5 John Peak Conference Room
Nineteenth century Popular Fiction and Science
Chair: John Holmes, Reading
Julia Reid, Leeds, ‘ “She Who Must be Obeyed: Anthropology and Matriarchy in H. Rider Haggard's She’
Sara Clayson, Birmingham, ‘ “The Actress' Made by the Awful Necessity of her Life and the “Man Who Would Never Get On in the World: Darwinism and Androgyny in Lady Audley's Secret
1530-1600 Tea
1600-1700 First Plenary: Professor Robert Crawford, St Andrews
Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
‘Poetry, Science and the Contemporary University’
1700-1830 Panel 6Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Children's Books and Science
Chair: Sarah Wood, UCE Birmingham
Alice Bell, Imperial, ‘From the Ridiculous to the Sublime: Appeals of Children's Popular Science'
Farah Mendlesohn (Middlesex University) and Zara Baxter, ‘Science Fiction readers, Science and Science Education'
Panel 7Dickens Conference Room
Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Bodies and Technology
Chair: John Holmes, Reading
Sharon Ruston, Keele, ‘William Godwin and the Animal Magnetists'
Jane Darcy, KCL, ‘Dissipated Burns and Melancholic Currie'
Teresa Barnard, De Montford, ‘Inspired by the Orrery: Anna Seward's “Terrestrial Year ’
Friday 30th March
0930-1100 Panel 8Dickens Conference Room
Science and Contemporary Fiction
Chair: Michael Whitworth, Oxford
Nicole Heber, U. of Melbourne, ‘Paralysis and Violence: The Clash of the Literary and Scientific in Ian McEwan's Saturday
Will Buckingham, Staffordshire, ‘Italo Calvino and Lucretius: Fiction, Science and the Reconciliation of the World'
Mélissa Fox-Muraton, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont II, ‘Science Fiction or Scientific Fiction? Miichel Houellebecq and the Challenge to Modern Literature'
Panel 9Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Histories of Science Fiction
Chair: Martin Willis, Glamorgan
Kate Hebblethwaite, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘Martian Mind Manipulation’
Andy Sawyer, Liverpool, ‘Information Architectures: or, Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Spy at Londinium’
Amanda Mordavsky Caleb, U of Sheffield, ‘Cutliffe Hyne: A Forgotten Science Fiction Writer’
1100-1130 Coffee
1130-1300 Panel 10Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Science and Modernism
Chair: Michael Whitworth, Oxford
Vike Martina Plock, UC Dublin, ‘Nerves Over-strung: Brainpower and Neurophysiology in Joyce's Ulysses
Katy Price, Anglia Ruskin U, ‘On the Back of Light Waves'
Michael Hoare, Royal Holloway, ‘The Scientist without properties: Ratio and Mystik in Musil's Mann ohne Eigenschaften
Panel 11Dickens Conference Room
Writing Bodies
Chair:Martin Willis, Glamorgan
Helen Sutherland, U. of Glasgow, ‘Brain Function and Fiction: Some Interactions between Neuroscience and Literature'
Kathleen Béres-Rogers, U. of North Carolinas, ‘ “Disciplining Medicine: Romantic-Era Patient Poetry’
Eleanor Sandry, U of Western Australia, ‘Face and Body in Developing Human-Robot Relations’
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1545 Panel 12Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Science and the Senses in the Long Nineteenth Century
Chair: Stuart Robertson, UCE Birmingham
Sibylle Erle, Bishop Grosseteste UC ‘Shadows in the Cave: How Artificial Eyes and Changing Lenses Refocused Blake's Vision’
Tim Fulford, Nottingham Trent, ‘The Sound of the Shaman: Scientists and Eskimos in the Arctic’
Laurie Garrison, Royal Holloway, ‘Taxonomies of Stimulation: The Discourse of Sexuality in 1860s Reviews of Sensation Novels’
Gavin Budge, UCE Birmingham, ‘The Spectre of Authority: Medicine and Perception in Carlyle’s History of the French Revolution
Panel 13Dickens Conference Room
Science and Twentieth Century Theatre
Chair:David Roberts, , UCE Birmingham
Liliane Campos, Sorbonne, ‘Hidden Numbers: the Threat of Knowledge in Caryl Churchill's Plays’
Maria Aline Fereirra, U. of Aveiro, ‘ “Science-in-fiction: Carl Djerassi's Work’
Anna Harpin, Cambridge, ‘Writing in the Margins – Re-inscribing the Medical Model in Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis
Zachary Dunbar, Royal Holloway, ‘Science and the Modern Tragic Chorus: Aspects of Chaos and Complexity’
1545-1615 Tea
1615-1715 Second Plenary: Jenny Uglow
Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Thomas Bewick: Wordsworth’s ‘Poet of the Tyne’
1715-1845 Panel 14Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Chair: Martin Willis, Glamorgan
Janine Rogers, Mount Allison U, Canada, ‘Reading the Night Sky: David H Levy, the Literary Astronomer’
Dave Clements, Imperial, ‘The Size of Space: Scales in Fact and Fiction’
Elanora Sasso, U of Chieti-Pescara, Italy, ‘ “An Eye for such Mysteries: Thomas Hardy and the Law of the Stars’
Panel 15Dickens Conference Room
Nineteenth-Century Transmission
Chair: Sally Shuttleworth, Oxford
Jim Mussell, Birkbeck, ‘Writing the “Great Proteus of Disease: Periodical “Literature and the 1890 Influenza Pandemic’
Fionnuala Dillane, UC Dublin, ‘ “Pale Pulpy and Cretinous:The Scientist and the Periodical Press in George Eliot's Impressions of Theophrastus Such (1879)’
Saturday 31st March
0930-1100 Panel 16
Science and Poetics 1860-1930Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Chair: Alice Jenkins
Michael H Whitworth, Oxford, ‘The Neo-Metaphysical poetry of Michael Roberts’
John Holmes, Reading, ‘Tennyson, the Higher Pantheism, and the Illusion of a Poetry of Science’
Marie Banfield, Birkbeck, ‘Gerard Manley Hopkins: Poetry, Poetics and the Mid-Nineteenth-Century Scientific Revolution’
Panel 17Dickens Conference Room
Bodies Dead and Alive
Chair: Chris McCabe, Birmingham (author of Dirty Little Lies)
Terence H W Shih, U. of Edinburgh, ‘Desire for Beauty: A Trilogy of Bodily Modifications’
Sarah Dauncey, Warwick, ‘Witnessing Evidence: Forensic Science and the Power of Bodies and Things to Attest'
Sara Wasson, Napier U, ‘Recalcitrant Copies and Vulnerable Bodies: Literary Engagements with Human Cloning'
1100-1130 Coffee
1130-1230 Panel 18 cancelled
Panel 19
SensationDickens Conference Room
Laura Daniels, Exeter, ‘Reclaiming Sensation: Association Psychology and Wilkie Collins' Poor Miss Finch
Helena Ifill, Sheffield, ‘ “I Cannot Leave You if I Would: Monomania in Wilkie Collin's Basil and No Name
Verity Hunt, Reading, ‘Learning to Dream: Technology, Sensory Perception & Memory in George Du Maurier's Peter Ibbetson
Panel 20 Cancelled
New addition, parallel with panel 19Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
Chris McCabe, University of Birmingham, ‘Fact and Fiction: Scientific and Unscientific English’
1230-1330 Third plenary: Professor Sally Shuttleworth, Oxford
Lyttelton Lecture Theatre
‘Childhood Lies in Victorian Literature and Science’
1330-1430 Lunch and BSLS AGM (Agenda and previous minutes to follow).