Welcome to the members' homepage on the BSLS site. To access the links on this page you first need to log in as a member. If your membership has lapsed, click here to rejoin.

As a member, you can access teaching resources in literature and science, prepared by Janine Rogers, and consult a list of current members' research interests. You can also watch interviews with Gillian Beer, from the 2018 conference, and with two prominent scholars in the field of literature and science, George Levine and Harriet Ritvo.

We are currently (December 2020) looking at ways to support our PGR/ECR members, and will be adding resources to a new members' page over the coming months. These will be similar to the Community Resources provided by the British Association for Modernist Studies via The Modernist Review (which we highly recommend), but with a specific focus on literature and science. If you would like to suggest content that you think would be helpful, or if you would be willing to provide examples of successful PhD, funding or job applications (which would be anonymised and checked with you before they were made available to members), please take a look at the information on our new PGR/ECR Resources page.

A 30% discount is provided by Oxford University Press to society members. Society members also receive a discount on books from Ashgate. Palgrave are providing an introductory discount on the Palgrave Studies in Literature, Science and Medicine series for BSLS members.