Currently seeking reviewers

This is a list of books that are ready to send out to reviewers. Please contact the relevant member of the reviews editing team if you are interested in reviewing one of them.

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis we are requesting books are delivered directly from publisher to the reviewer. This may lead to delays with dispatch.

If the book that you would like to review is published by Cambridge University Press, please contact Harriet Newnes, Assistant Reviews Editor (Cambridge University Press) at, also copying in Franziska Kohlt,

If you would like to review a book from a North American press, please contact John Murray, Assistant Reviews Editor (North America), at, also copying in Franziska Kohlt,

For books from all other presses, please contact Franziska Kohlt, General Reviews Editor, at

Please include the title of the book for review, a brief statement on your expertise and particular field of interest, and details of your previous reviewing experience.